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The story of Cazzy, my inspiration.

Cazzy was a severely abused 5 month old puppy that was taken from her previous home and taken to the animal shelter. I fell upon Cazzy when visiting the pound to think about volunteering. The employee told me that they were going to euthanize her because no one would adopt her because she just cowered in the corner of her kennel for a whole week. I couldn't pass up this chance to give a her a new life and ended up adopting her. Together I worked with her and she learned as much as I how to trust, care, and what it means to have someone who is always there for you. Through much training, socializing, love and care, the once cowardly dog, afraid of just about everything and everyone, is now a beautiful family dog who loves to play with kids, go on adventures, and spend time with her family and her two best feline friends.

With the work I did with her, and my childhood growing up on a ranch, I knew I wanted to do something with animals for the rest of my life. After I got my B.S. in Psychology I decided to start my own dog walking business. With my training in dog socializing, how to handle reactive dogs, and behavioral and agility training I took the next step and got fully licensed, bonded and insured and away I went. Its been the best part of my life. I never knew it would grow so fast and I am happy to say I have wonderful assistants who all have tons of animal experience as well who help me now.  I love spending my day with animals, then coming home to manage my business and spend the rest of my day with my own dog.

When I first adopted her