Affordable, reliable dog walking and pet sitting  

Krazy Kritter Dog Walking, LLC

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Get to know us a little before you get started. 

We are all dog lovers, grew up and/or still have dogs of our own and have many years of experience walking and pet sitting all types of breeds and personalities. 

All assistants get background checked, But here is a little bit more detail about our individual experience and what we bring to the team.

Medford Area Assistants 
(Including Central Point, Jacksonville, White City and Phoenix)


Proud owner of Krazy Kritter Dog Walking.


B.S. in Psychology.

Grew up and worked on a large cattle ranch.

Experienced in obedience, behavioral, and agility training.

Worked with and leash trained aggressive and reactive dogs.

Experience with leash and house training dogs to fit owner's needs.

Volunteered at Humane Societies walking dogs growing up. 

Years of experience caring for rescues of all breeds and temperaments.

Many years of experience in administering intramuscular, oral and topical medications.


Experienced in pet sitting and house sitting caring for multiple pets needs and paying attention to detail.

Knowledgeable and capable in handling dogs that pull on the leash or get leash reactive. 

Years of experience caring for both cats and dogs.

Comfortable and knowledgeable caring for and being around reptiles and farm animals. 



Degree in Human Services. 

4 years experience working in a professional career caring for injured, abandoned and neglected animals.

Experience handling and caring for aggressive and reactive dogs.

Worked at spay and neuter clinic and with the TNR program for over a year. 

Volunteered locally at C.A.T.S. for 4 years fostering and bottle feeding kittens. 

Attended the Animal Control Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.


A year of experience volunteering at the Humane Society gaining knowledge in how to handle leash pullers and breeds of all personalities.

Previous overnight pet sititng experience.

Experience in obedience and behavioral training.

Experienced in administering medications.

Fostered cats and kittens and gained knowledge in how to care for special needs cats. 



Previous member of 4-H Dog Club on Hawaii.

While there won 1st place in agility with her Poodle.

Previous experience in obedience, behavioral and agility training.

Previous grooming experience, including but not limited to hair cuts, nail trimming, anal gland expression, and bathing.

Many years of pet sitting experience for multiple types of domesticated animals.

Knowledge and know how in administering medications.

Grew up with rescued dogs and is familiar and knowledgeable with a variety of types of temperaments and breeds.


Previous experience working at a husky and german shepherd rescue and rehabilitation center. 

Experienced walking large dogs, dogs that pull on the lead and dogs who can be leash reactive.

Comfortable and knowledgeable in administering oral and topical medication to cats and dogs. 

Comfortable and experienced around farm animals, reptiles and birds. 


Worked in professional dog grooming salons for 2 years.

Experienced in handling all canine temperaments and breeds.

Knowledgeable and experienced in administering oral and topical medications.

Able and comfortable walking large dogs and dogs who may be reactive on the leash.

Years of pet sitting experience and how to care for dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals in addition to attending to household needs efficiently. 


Very knowledgeable and comfortable with a variety of dog breeds and temperaments.

Comfortable handling dogs that pull on the leash.

Experienced in pet sitting, house sitting and caring for a variety of types of domestic animals.

Knowledgeable and experienced administering medication to dogs and cats. 


Previous experience in canine obedience and behavioral training. 

Comfortable with large dogs and dogs that pull on the lead.

House and pet sitting experience with ability to pay attention to detail and attend to needs efficiently.

Many years experience caring for cats and their needs. 


Available for extended day pet sitting

Many years of hands on experience working with abandoned baby wildlife and kittens, bottle feeding and attending to their special needs. 

Previous pet sitting experience and attending pet and household needs while families are away. 

Knowledgeable and experienced in administering oral and topical  medications to cats and dogs.

Comfortable in caring for cats  of all ages and their needs.

Experience walking a variety of types of dogs big and small. 


Available for Pet Sitting only

Experience handling and walking large breeds.

Years of experience in pet sitting and caring for animals. 

Training and experience in handling reactive breeds and leash pullers. 

Years of experience looking after and caring for cats. 


Previous professional experience as a pet sitter for cats and dogs for a business.

Grew up on a farm gaining experience in caring for horses, cows, pigs and goats. 

Experience and training in canine behavioral and obedience training.

Knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of types and dogs and personalities and comfortable with dogs who pull on the lead. 

Ability to administer oral, intramuscular and topical medication to cats and dogs. 


Experience in pet sitting and caring for animals and household needs for families. 

Grew up on a farm and around multiple animals. 

Knowledgeable caring for birds, pigs, horses, dogs and cats. 

Experience with dogs that pull on the leash.

Comfortable and able to administer topical and oral medication to cats and dogs.  


Ashland and Talent Assistants

Sierra P.

Previously worked as a veterinarian assistant for a mobile vet.

Very experienced around multiple types of breeds and temperaments.

Comfortable and experienced around pets, farm animals and livestock.

Knowledge and know how in administering oral, topical and intramuscular medications.

Previous experience pet sitting.

Proper training in how to handle large canines and properly walk and care for their needs. 

Sierra A.

Very comfortable and knowledgeable with large dogs, reactive dogs and dogs that pull on the leash. 

Volunteer work working in a cat shelter and caring for the needs of cats. 

Behavioral and Obedience training for canines.

Knowledgeable in how to administer oral and topical medication.

Familiar with the needs of and how to care for a variety of types of farm animals. 

Experienced in pet sitting and house sitting. 


Grew up raising rescues, socializing both dogs and cats to be a part of the family.

Experience in obedience training.

Training and proper knowledge in how to handle large breeds and experience in how to handle leash pullers.  

Years of experience walking dogs of different personalities. 

Experience administering oral and topical medication to both cats and dogs.